Thursday, March 23, 2006

O'Canada awakens-Liberals ousted

Canada...Land of Walleyes, Northerns, Black bear, Jugs and Wings and.. a Ban on Hand Guns?? Well, that's what former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin (Yes, former Prime Minister) recently called for, an all out ban on legally owned handguns. That is until the citizens' of Canada pulled their heads out of the snow and ousted Paul Martin and his Liberal Party after 12 years of reign. The newly elected Conservative government under the leadership of Stephen Harper has created a commitee to figure out how to kill the gun registry program that Martin had implemented before losing the election. In my last posting, I touched on the rise in crime rates in England and Australia after both countries implemented some measures of gun control/gun bans. It's a statistical fact that crime rates are dramatically reduced in states and/or countries that allow concealed carry of a firearms. Thank God that Canada appears to be getting back on track and some common sense will used, now that the Liberal Party no longer controls the country. I'm actually heading up to Canada in May for my yearly Fly-in Fishing trip w/ a fellow blogger and friend who blogs under "sticks and stones". I'll try to get some feed-back from our Canadian friends on what life is like now that the Liberal Party is out of rule. I wonder if I were to get hurt in Canada, would my HMO medical plan cover the traetment in a country with Socialized Medicine?? Anyways....Here's a few nuggets for ya to chew on: For the second time in two years, Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has vetoed "Right to Carry" legislation passed by the state's legislature... England's crime rates continue to soar (duhh)...The Italian Parliament has passed legislation allowing people to shoot robbers in self-defense (better late than never)...Concealed carry by law-abiding citizens in Kansas passed the senateby a 29-11 vote, but it's expected to be vetoed by Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, as she did two years ago... Next time I'll write about somthing besides gun issues..Maybe Cindy Sheehan, she provides enough material to write for a year..

No Left Turn

No Left Turn

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gun Control

Our local newspaper in suburban Chicagoland has an open opinion line where anyone can call or write and express their views or thoughts on any subject. Fairly often, the issue of Gun Control is the subject, usually phoned in or written by an anti-gun nut who has no knowledge of the facts surrounding the issue of "Gun Control". The Anti-gunners often cite England and Australia as examples of how we in the U.S.A. should model our gun laws. Well lets take a look at how England and Australia have fared: Mass forfeitures of registered firearms began in England in 1988 and possession of all handguns was criminalized in 1997 and in Australia , possession of all semi-auto rifles and shotguns was also criminalized. This meant that all law abiding citizens with lawfully purchased and registered firearms had to turn in their guns to the local authorities or face criminal charges. Hmmm, I wonder if the criminals turned their guns in too?? Since these ridiculous laws went into effect and according to the International Crime Victims Survey conducted by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, England, Australia and Wales have consistently had the dubious honor of having the highest burglary rates and crimes of violence (robbery, assault and sexual assault) in the 17 top industrialized nations. There is no strength in being defenseless, as the citizens of London can testify to, as gun murders tripled in London in 2001. Wait a minute, how can gun violence increase in England and Australia when hundreds of thousands of guns were confiscated from the citizens of these countries..?? The bottom line, whether liberals and gun control advocates will admit it or not is that gun control only effects law abiding citizens who have obtained their firearms lawfully, either for sport or for home defense. Now go ask a citizen of Ausatralia or England if they feel safer in their homes or on the streets now that the only people in these countries who have guns are the criminals and thugs.